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Real Estate & Bankruptcy

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Real Estate

We provide extensive services to individuals and businesses in real estate transactional and litigation matters. Real estate litigation is proliferating in California and there are many reasons for this. There are many "scams". Individuals enter into real estate agreements dishonestly and in bad faith and with the unequivocal intention of cheating the other party on some significant way. Certainly, there are dishonest and unethical real estate brokers. In all fairness, there are also many dishonest and/or unreasonable individual parties to real estate transactions who unfairly attack and sue even honest and competent brokers. Regardless of who is at fault, my goal is to provide the best representation to all clients wherever they stand in these matters with the view that the legal system in general works best, and contentious situations are best ultimately resolved when all parties have zealous representation of their interests.
Representation is available in construction defect cases and virtually all other matters arising under real estate contracts or relationships.


You can get immediate debt relief from creditors. Generally, if your debt is in excess of your assets (not income- individuals earning $50,000 per year and more go bankrupt), you are entitles under federal and state bankruptcy law to totally discharge all of your personal debt and not owe a penny (e.g. Chapter 7). Generally, it will take you at least 90 days after filing your petition before the bankruptcy court sends you a certificate of discharge in the mail acknowledging that you are now free of all debts dischargeable in bankruptcy. However, what you should focus on is that immediately upon my filing of your petition with the bankruptcy court, all creditors are under the "automatic stay", or orders arising by law, which require them to immediately desist from any collection activity in any form. Notice to the creditors that you are in bankruptcy is normally given by the bankruptcy court itself (from a mailing list of creditors which I provide) within two weeks of my filing of your bankruptcy. So within no later than two weeks of filing, the phone calls and letters will stop ( or be directed to me), and even a lawsuit in progress against you will stop in its' tracks pending finalization of your bankruptcy.

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