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Criminal Law

When you are charged with a crime, you need the most zealous, vigorous and competent assistance of counsel possible. I give you the best representation possible in criminal practice limited to misdemeanors including DUI and non-violent felony offenses. We also offer competitive rates.
Business Litigation
I have extensive experience in these and other areas. Come to me and generally within one week I will have a basic first complaint on file, will have your foes immediately before the court to answer for their conduct and have the court "enjoin" or make them stop their conduct, in the form of immediate emergency temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunction before trial, and permanent injunctions issued at trial. More, you may be entitled to substantial money damages payable to you by the individuals who made you sue them.

Guardianships, Conservatorships and Adoptions

adoption law
These matters are all under the authority of the probate department of the Superior Court, but are to be distinguished from distribution and administration of decedents' estates in probate.
Let's say a family member - parent, grandparent, your spouse, whomever - has become mentally/physically incapacitated so that he/she is incapable of making crucial decisions related to health care, finances, and disposition of assets. You have no other alternative but to file for a guardianship proceeding with the Superior Court nominating yourself, or some other suitable individual, to act as your loved one's "Conservator".
After the Conservatorship, you or some other suitable individual will, under court supervision, make all the needed decisions, including medical care and disposition of the assets of your loved ones (who is now called the "Conservatee").
Hopefully, you and your family will agree on who should serve as Conservator; otherwise, that will be an area ripe for litigation, and ultimately the court may possibly opt not to take sides and merely appoint an independent professional fiduciary to act as Conservator.
This is somewhat similar to Conservatorships except that while a Conservatorship normally involves a court proceeding to establish care over an incapacitated adult, a Guardianship normally involves a non-parent seeking to acquire rights akin to "custody" rights of parents in family law cases, over children in need of legal proceedings to establish such a relationship.
I provide conscientious representation in this area which is sometimes described as a more "happy" wing of family law practices, in that the individuals whom I represent are normally seeking to fulfill a positive goal of wanting to become a child's parent.

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